General information

General information

General information

The ZE PAK SA Group is the fourth electricity producer in Poland. In terms of the volume of installed capacity and electricity production, the ZE PAK SA Group is the largest private energy group in Poland consisting of vertically integrated entities operating in the field of lignite mining, energy production from conventional and renewable sources, and energy trading.


The Group's activity is focused on generating electricity based on its own lignite resources. The Group has two own lignite mines that supply lignite to the Group's power plants, which makes the Group independent of external supplies of this raw material and significantly reduces exposure to fluctuations in energy commodity prices. Biomas is also used as a raw material for energy production. Biomass is burned in a unit dedicated to this purpose located in the Konin Power Plant. In addition to electricity, heat is generated at the Group's power plants. Heat is sold to local customers. Additionally, within the Group, there are companies dealing, among others, in the execution of construction and assembly works, maintenance works, service, production and trade activities aimed at satisfying the needs and comprehensive service of the industry.


The Group's generation assets include three lignite-fired power plants located in central Poland, in the Greater Poland Voivodeship. These are: Pątnów II, which is equipped with an unit for supercritical parameters, Pątnów I, and Konin, equipped, among others, with in a unit dedicated for biomass combustion. The total achievable gross electrical capacity of the Group's generation assets is 1896 MW.

In 2018, the power plants of ZE PAK SA Group generated in total 6.1 TWh of net electricity, which was sold as part of bilateral contracts and framework contracts, as well as on power exchanges and on the balancing market. Together with the energy from resale, the Group's sales in 2018 amounted to 7.7 TWh.

The vast majority of revenues generated by the ZE PAK SA Group comes from the sale of electricity (generated by the Group and purchased for the purpose of reselling). Other significant sources of revenue are: revenues from the termination of long-term contracts for the sale of electricity in the Pątnów II Power Plant, heat sales, and sale of energy origin rights. The revenue structure is completed by revenues from the activity in the scope of construction and assembly works.

In 2018, sales revenues and EBITDA amounted to PLN 2,304 million and PLN 90 million, respectively. As at December 31, 2018, the book value of assets of the ZE PAK SA Group totaled PLN 3,871 million.