General information

General information

General information

The ZE PAK SA Group is the fifth producer of electricity in Poland in terms of installed capacity and the amount of generated electricity, with the share of the domestic power market in 2016 at ca. 6.3%.


The Group’s activities concentrate on power generation based on own coal resources. The Group owns two lignite mines, which provide coal to the Group’s power plants, making the Group independent from external supplies of that raw material and significantly limiting the exposure to power fuel price fluctuations. The power generation process also utilizes biomass as the fuel, which is combusted in a specially dedicated boiler, located at the Konin Power Plant.

Apart from electricity, the Group’s power plants also produce heat, which is sold to local consumers. The Group covers almost the entire heat demand of the towns of Konin and Turek.

Furthermore, the companies functioning within the Group deal with, i.a., execution of construction and installation work, maintenance work, services, manufacturing and trade activities aimed at fulfilling the needs and providing comprehensive services to the industry.


The ZE PAK SA Group’s generation assets include four lignite-fired power plants located in Central Poland, in the Wielkopolska province. These are: Pątnów II Power Plant, equipped with a supercritical parameter power unit, the Pątnów I Power Plant, the Konin Power Plant and the Adamów Power Plant. The ZE PAK SA Group has secured access to lignite for their generation units thanks to its two mines – PAK KWB Konin SA and PAK KWB Adamów SA. The location of the power plants in the immediate vicinity of the mines enables the optimization of fuel stock and deliveries by coordinating coal extraction directly with the demand. As for 31 December 2016, the total gross installed capacity of the ZE PAK SA Group’s generation assets amounted to 2 506 MWe.


In 2016, the ZE PAK SA Group’s power plants generated a total of 9.3TWh of electricity net, which was sold as part of bilateral and framework power contracts, as well as on energy markets and the balancing market.


Most of the revenue generated by the ZE PAK SA Group comes from the sales of electricity (generated by the Group and purchased in order to resell it), which, in 2016, constituted 86.85% of the total sales revenues. A total of 13.5MWh of electricity was sold. Revenue, due to the termination of long-term contracts for the sale of electricity at Pątnów II Power Plant, constituted 7.65% of the Group’s sales revenues. In 2016, heat sales accounted for ca. 2.2% of the total sales revenues. When speaking about essential sources, which supplement the revenue structure, it is worth mentioning the activities in the scope of executing construction and installation work, where the revenue for 2016, amounted to ca. 2.2% of the total sales revenues. The remaining activities generated 1.1% of the total revenues.



In 2016, sales revenue and EBITDA amounted to PLN 2 705 mn and PLN 594 m, respectively. As for 31 December 2016, the book value of the ZE PAK SA Group’s assets was PLN 4 801 m in total.