Current reports

Current reports

Current reports

Current report no. 9/2023

Acquisition of a wind project and conclusion of a loan agreement by PAK-Polska Czysta Energia sp. z o.o. 


Legal basis:

Art. 17 sec. 1 MAR – inside information


Contents of the:

The Management Board of ZE PAK SA ("Company"), informs that on April 14, 2023, PAK-Polska Czysta Energia sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Konin (i.e. a subsidiary of the Company) ("PAK-PCE") purchased from Polish Wind Holdings B.V., a company established and operating under the laws of the Kingdom of the Netherlands ("Seller"), 100% of shares in the share capital of the company under the business name Eviva Drzeżewo sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Słupsk ("Project Company"). 


PAK-PCE purchased shares in Project Company from the Seller as part of an investment project consisting in the implementation of RES installations within Główczyce, Damnica, Potęgowo communes, in Słupsk poviat, Pomorskie Voivodeship ("Investment Project").


The Investment Project provides for the construction of a complex of wind farms with an effective capacity of 88 MW. The wind conditions in this region allow for estimation of the annual production of the farm at about 240 GWh/year. The project has a set of administrative and legal permits allowing for the commencement of construction works on wind turbines. The expected launch date of the Investment Project is the fourth quarter of 2025. Total capital expenditures related to the acquisition and implementation of the Investment Project will amount to approximately PLN 920 million.


In connection with the acquisition of the Project Company, PAK-PCE signed a loan agreement (the "Agreement") with Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw, on the basis of which PAK-PCE was granted a loan in the amount of up to PLN 99 million, which may be disbursed in Polish zlotys or euros under the conditions set out in the Agreement ("Loan"). Pursuant to the provisions of the Agreement, the Loan repayment date was set for December 31, 2025. The financial terms and other terms of the Agreement do not differ from market terms.



Signatures of persons representing the Company:

Piotr Woźny – President of the Management Board

Maciej Nietopiel – Vice President of the Management Board

Andrzej Janiszowski – Vice President of the Management Board