Current reports

Current reports

Current reports

Current report no. 35/2022

Termination of the cooperation agreement with MS Innovation Impulse GMBH 


Legal basis:

Art. 17 sec. 1 MAR – inside information


Contents of the report:

In relation to the current report no. 25/2021, dated August 31, 2021, concerning the conclusion of the cooperation agreement, ZE PAK SA („Company”) informs that on October 31, 2022 the Management Board of the Company made a decision on terminating the cooperation agreement concluded on August 31, 2021 with MS Innovation Impulse GMBH seated in Vienna, Austria („MS II”), in the presence and participation of Argumenol Investment Company Limited, seated in Limassol, Cyprus („Argumenol”) and Synthos Green Energy Spółka Akcyjna seated in Warsaw („Synthos”, „Agreement”).


The decision to terminate the Agreement is due to the Company's intention to conduct further analyzes regarding the possible, different and more diverse use by the Company of the land, potential and infrastructure located on the premises of the organized part of the enterprise, related to the generation of electricity at Pątnów Power Plant, and each party may terminate the Agreement if one of the conditions precedent is not met by the end date specified in the Agreement. The Management Board will immediately send a notice of termination of the Agreement to MS II as well as to Argumenol and Synthos.

Signatures of persons representing the Company:

Piotr Woźny – President of the Management Board

Maciej Nietopiel – Vice President of the Management Board

Andrzej Janiszowski – Vice President of the Management Board