Current reports

Current reports

Current reports

Current report no. 28/2021

Results of the capacity market auction


Legal basis:

Art. 17 item 1 MAR – inside information


Contents of the report:

ZE PAK Spółka Akcyjna („Company”) informs that on December 16, 2021, as a result of a capacity market auction ("Auction") for the year 2026, a capacity contract was concluded for 17 years of supply, contracting 493MW of the capacity obligation ("CO") for a new generating capacity market unit.


Auction closing price ended in the 1st round and has been set within the range between 367.05 PLN/kW/year and 400.40 PLN/kW/year. The final auction price will be disclosed by Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne SA within three working days.  

Following the publication of PSE SA, the Company will announce the closing price of the capacity auction.


Winning the Auction means that the available capacity resulting from the CO will be ready to supply electric power to the system or to deliver a specific power to the system within the period covered by the capacity contract.


The final results of the capacity auction are to be announced by the President of the ERO in the Public Information Bulletin on its website on the first working day following the 21st day from the end of the Auction. Until then, all contracts for the sale of capacity obligations are conditional.

The above data are not the final results of the capacity auction.




Signatures of persons representing the Company:

Piotr Woźny – President of the Management Board

Maciej Nietopiel – Vice President of the Management Board