Current reports

Current reports

Current reports

Current report no. 3/2017

Decision of the Regional Director of Environmental Protection in Poznan on the Ościsłowo opencast


Legal basis:

Article 17 Section 1 of the MAR – inside information


Contents of the report:

Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów-Adamów-Konin SA (the "Company") informs that on 13 March 2017 PAK KWB Konin SA (the subsidiary of the Company) received decision of the Regional Director of Environmental Protection in Poznan („RDOŚ in Poznan”) as of 10 March 2017 refusing to determine the environmental conditions for the project titled: “Extraction of brown coal and associated minerals from the Ościsłowo opencast.”. The decision of RDOŚ in Poznan is not final.


According to the Company, the issued decision is devoid of substantive arguments and has not been supported by expert’s reports confirming the negative impact on the environment in the case of application of the solutions proposed by PAK KWB Konin SA. In addition, it is in contradiction with the declarations of state authorities to support actions aimed at ensuring energy security of the country. It also spreads with declarations filed in the privatization process of PAK KWB Konin SA. Ościsłowo opencast is currently the only private sector investment in the conventional energy sector. Its potential blockage is associated with a number of serious negative economic and social consequences of regional and national importance.


The Company will take steps to obtain appropriate decisions to enable it to carry out its mining operations in accordance with its strategy to ensure regular operation of the Company's production assets.


Ościsłowo opencast is supposed to provide fuel for modernized production assets of the Company. The Company will conduct analyzes examining the impact of the decision on all aspects of the Group's operation and, in particular, the securing and timely delivery of coal. PAK KWB Konin SA announces the decision to lodge an appeal against this decision.


Signatures of persons representing the company:

Adam Kłapszta – President of the Management Board

Aneta Lato-Żuchowska – Vice President of the Management Board