Water project continuation / Water for Wierzbinek

The restoration of water resources in Noteć catchment is the subject of a tripartite agreement between Państwowe Gospodarstwo Wodne Wody Polskie, ZE PAK SA and Wierzbinek commune. The letter of intent regarding cooperation in the implementation of this investment was signed on December 14, 2023.


The aim of the agreement is to restore water resources and improve the hydrological condition in the catchment area of the upper Noteć River and Grójecki Canal, as well as to supply water to Zakrzewek Lake and to fill the reservoir of Lubstów open pit reservoir more quickly. To achieve this, the signatories declared joint actions, including obtaining support from the Just Transition Fund and national funds.


Water from the drainage of Tomisławice open pit and the water of the Pichna River will be used to restore the water resources of these areas. The implementation of the water transfer system includes, among others, the construction of a pumping station on Pichna River, a connector between Pichna and Noteć riverbeds, and the supply of water from the connector to Zakrzewek Lake. The implementation of this task is planned for the years 2023-2025.


The total value of the investment is PLN 4 million, of which PLN 2.8 million will be financed from EU and national funds, and PLN 1.2 million from own funds. ZE PAK declared to allocate PLN 800,000 for this purpose, and the municipality of Wierzbinek and PGW WP PLN 200,000 each.


ZE PAK also undertook to prepare the design documentation, obtain the necessary permits and perform a geodetic division of the land. Wierzbinek Municipality will hand over the land for the designed facilities and provide assistance in obtaining the necessary administrative decisions, and PGW Wody Polskie will coordinate the project from the technical and financial point of view, and then operate the hydrotechnical facilities.


The parties declared that they would inform each other about the progress of the project. On behalf of the signatories, the document was signed by: the director of the Regional Water Management Authority in Poznań Bogumił Nowak, the president of ZE PAK Piotr Woźny and the mayor of Wierzbinek Paweł Szczepankiewicz.


Photo: Adam Jaroński