A gas and steam unit will be built on the premises of Adamów power plant

PAK CCGT sp. z o. o. signed a contract for the "Construction of a 600 MWe class CCGT unit with accompanying infrastructure at Adamów power plant." The general contractor of the construction works will be a consortium of Siemens Energy Global GmbH Co KG, Siemens Energy sp. z o.o. and Mytilineos S.A., which will implement the project on a turnkey basis. The estimated value of the contract is approximately PLN 2.3 billion.


Thanks to gas fuel, the new power plant will have the lowest emissions among conventional energy sources, and high availability and flexibility of operation will enable effective stabilization of electricity production from renewable sources and the Polish power system. The operation of the power plant unit will be adapted to cooperate with Przykona photovoltaic farm. The cooperation of both units will be planned so as not to exceed the total output power of 600 MWe. The investment is being carried out on the site of the former Adamów coal power plant, now demolished.


The planned unit will be designed and constructed by the General Contractor as a single-shaft unit: with one SGT4 4000F gas turbine, SGEN5-3000W generator, recovery boiler (HRSG), SST5-5000 condensing steam turbine set and a wet fan cooling tower. The project will be implemented on a turnkey basis, covering all works, including: design, obtaining selected administrative decisions on behalf of the ordering party, deliveries, construction works, assembly, staff training, commissioning, test run, putting the power plant into operation and providing warranty services within 2 years of putting the power plant into operation. The project implementation schedule assumes the commencement of construction works in 2023, and the power plant will be put into operation at the turn of 2026/2027.


On November 20, 2023 the Supervisory Board of PAK CCGT sp. z o.o. gave a consent to conduct the procedure of the contract launch (“Notice to Proceed”) and to pay Consortium an advance payment of 20% of EPC Agreement by PAK CCGT sp. z o.o., and the Supervisory Board of ZE PAK SA consented to the Company issuing a surety under the EPC Agreement. Formal consents issued by the Supervisory Boards of ZE PAK SA and PAK CCGT sp. z o.o. were the last formal elements enabling the commencement of the implementation of the EPC Agreement.


In September 2023 a long-term service agreement for the 600 Mwe class CCGT unit was concluded with Siemens Energy sp. z o. o. for a period of 12 years from the date of commissioning of the CCGT unit. 

The investment won the auction of the capacity market in December 2021, concluding a 17-year contract suport in the form of a payment for the reported power, i.e. 493 MW (available net power of the planned unit).


Adamów lignite Power Plant


Construction site of the future CCGT Adamów plant