Participation of ZE PAK SA in the process of fair energy transformation of the Eastern Wielkopolska Region

ZE PAK SA ("Company"), being aware of challenges posed by the process of energy transformation of the Eastern Wielkopolska Region ("Region"), decided to take certain steps to be the part of this process and in an optimal way use the potential of the ZE PAK SA Capital Group ("Group"). The objective is to develop the concept and implement the investments that will give impetus to the development of the Group in new areas of activity.

The Company intends to participate in the preparation of initiatives addressed to the regions associated with the process of energy transformation. In particular, it is about cooperation in the area of the Region's participation as part of the Support Platform for Coal Regions ("Coal Platform"), but also other programs aimed at financing projects with a specific profile. The Company, being aware of the challenges faced by the Region in the context of generating the strategic vision for the future development wants its participation to be not only declarative, but to follow the declarations, also specific ideas and proposals for investment projects have been undertaken, the nature of which allows them to be included in the idea of the Region's energy transformation. Among the considered projects, the following should be mentioned:

  1. Construction of solar farms on reclaimed areas of the Group,
  2. Adaptation of a part of the coal installation for biomass burning,
  3. Construction of a heat storage for the heating needs of Konin City,
  4. Construction of wind farms on reclaimed areas of the Group,
  5. Construction of a heat storage for RES needs produced in the Group’s areas,
  6. Construction of a logistics centre with development of solar panels on the roofs,
  7. Construction of infrastructure for the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen,
  8. Mounting of finished photovoltaic panels, production of assembly elements and assembly of the installation.

The above-mentioned examples of proposed investments are at various stages in the process of concept development, but their success can contribute to the implementation of the idea of a fair transformation of the Eastern Region of Wielkopolska, taking into account the principles of sustainable development and respect for the social side. ZE PAK SA intends to inform about further important steps taken in the process of the Region's energy transformation.