Decision on Tomisławice open-pit

On 23rd January 2019, the Company received information about the decision issued by the Local Government Appeal Court in Konin refusing to annul the environmental decision related to the exploitation of Tomisławice lignite open pit.


In connection with the above, we present below the statement of the Vice President of the Management Board acting as the President of the Management Board, Mr. Marcin Ginel:


I would like to kindly inform you that today, on January 23, 2019, the Management Board of ZE PAK SA and PAK KWB Konin SA received information about issuing by the Local Government Appeals Court in Konin (SKO) a decision refusing to annul an environmental decision issued by the Commune Head of Wierzbinek for Tomisławice open-pit. We accept that statement with satisfaction and contentment, particularly that the case has been going on for over 10 years.

We are aware that the ruling of SKO in Konin, which is favourable for PAK KWB Konin SA, does not formally end the proceedings, but it is a positive assessment of our activities carried out on the functioning Tomisławice open-pit.

At the moment we are waiting for a formal delivery of a decision, which we will immediately analyse.”


The decision of the Local Government Appeal Court in Konin means that the environmental decision issued on August 7, 2007 by the Head of Wierzbinek Commune is still in legal circulation. The decision is not final. The parties have the right to submit an application for reconsideration of the case by the Local Government Appeal Court in Konin.